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Vacation Schedule

In order to better serve you, Preferred is advising our Holiday Schedule in advance. Although we plan to officially close on the below dates, our accounts and travelers will still have access to Preferred 24/7!

If you have any issues regarding this schedule please call Mimi Cleary at (781) 849-6130 x311.

Dates the office will be closed:
Monday July 5th
Monday September 6th
Thursday November 25th
Friday December 24th
Friday December 31st

On the above holidays, our travelers will have access to our 24 hour service or access to our online booking tool at www.preftrav.com.

We will send additional reminders prior to these closures so travelers can adjust accordingly when at all possible.

Our phones will prompt you for assistance on the days that we are closed.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your Preferred Travel Agent.


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